David Gillen Angry Beaver David "Angry Beaver" Gillen

Designer, Programmer, Gamer, and Aggitated Rodent

Examples of my work

HL-2 Modification: Black Mesa

David "Angry Beaver" Gillen

I'm David "Angry Beaver" Gillen. I'm a designer, a programmer, and a gamer; things you often don't find together. Formally trained and a hobbiest in all three I've done a lot of work online and consider my real name and internet nickname interchangable due to the volume of work done under each. My hybrid of design and function training allows me to develop unique projects.

Black Mesa: DM Bounce

As part of the Black Mesa project I'm a Level Designer, a position that requires a hybrid of art of and functionality to make a level look pretty and play well. DM Bounce is a redesign of the old Half Life 1 classic for Black Mesa, textures and some model assets were made by other team members; however, I was the only Level Designer on the pictured level and did make a few of the models in the level.