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Work Gallery

The following is a display of some of my more favorite and recent work from my varied backgrounds. I do intend to expand the portfolio seciton to include all my work, but as of right now it's a very select few examples.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa is a project to recreate the famous Half-Life game on the new Source engine created for Half-Life 2. It has won many awards for how promising and professional it looks and even generated industry attention like G4TV and the game's creators themselves Valve.


Bounce is a multiplayer map set in a canyon, several alien life forms scattered across the floor generate some interesting gameplay twists with vertical movement.

dm_bounce dm_bounce dm_bounce

The following are a couple of websites I have designed eithier for my own purposes or for clients.

Ivan's Secrets

A fellow modification team was in need of a website so I'm developing the following website for them. I've intergrated the Wordpress CMS to allow them to update and manage their website without my involvement. The website works with IE 8, IE 7, IE 6, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Ivans Secrets

Blog Roll

Tasked to create a tumblr theme I went with a theme reminiscent of the conversation with passing strangers you get in a place like a bathroom wall, best viewed in Firefox.

Blog Roll

The following is some of the work I have done for flash, although limited right now I'm working on several more impressive projects I don't feel comfortable sharing at their current state.

Rail Shooter

This is a demo of a flash game I'm developing thats in early Beta, no art assets are final it was mainly a working test of flashes ability to handle OOP and testing my movement and combat engine.